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Get rewarded for your incredible user engagement. We help publishers, game creators and education companies grow their revenue by utilizing premium demand, cutting-edge technology and incredible reporting.

Focus on what really matters – creating great content that your users love while we maximize your revenue and deliver key business insights to you daily.

Unparalleled Monetization.

We provide direct access to demand from hundreds of advertisers specific to the gaming & education industry, alongside access to the top programmatic exchanges. Our entire ad-stack is custom developed for the gaming vertical to maximize your revenue per user as well as to ensure the optimal user experience.

Header Bidding

We auction each ad to hundreds of advertisers in realtime and the highest priced ad wins, creating pressure on the losing bidders to start bidding more for your highly engaged users.

Direct Sales

We’ll evangelize your inventory in the marketplace and obtain high-earning targeted ads catered to your audience through our partnerships with the leading advertisers in the space.

Ad Block Recovery

Game sites have an ad-block rate that is over double the industry average. Our ad re-insertion technology will allow you to recover a significant portion of your revenue while ensuring a great user experience.

Machine Learning Optimization

Let our industry leading machine learning algorithms determine the right price for every ad to each user on your site. Your users are highly engaged and valuable, we'll ensure that advertisers can never under-pay for them again.

Video Integration

Maximize revenue by utilizing video ads on your properties. Our video integration is a single line of code that will allow us to auction a high-earning pre-roll advertisement to hundreds of advertisers every time a user initiates game-play.

Intelligent Refresh

Get rewarded for the time spent on your site – we refresh viewable ads allowing you to generate more revenue with your dedicated audience, enabling you to reinvest in producing more incredible content for your audience.

The average Yolla partner generates over 82% more revenue after working with us.

An analytics suite custom designed to serve your needs.

Our platform is built to arm game properties with the data needed to succeed. Real-time access to determine revenue generated from each game, each site that embeds or iframes your assets, each traffic source that refers users to your site, and much more. The entirety of our reporting suite is purposefully designed to give you the data you need to create or license more content and determine the sources that are generating revenue to your content.

Advanced Revenue Analytics & Licensing Support

Out of the box support for tracking revenue generated from each game & page your audience craves. Track revenue generated from each game or game creator and offer them a revenue share out of the box, or analyze revenue trends from the content you create. We'll offer recommendations on content that generates the most revenue per user, so you can focus on recommending that content to more of your users or invest in creating or licensing similar content to grow your revenue and satiate your audience.

Marketing Return on Investment Reporting

Compete with the largest players in the space on equal footing. Advanced revenue reporting of your current organic and paid marketing efforts is just the start. Create lookalike audiences based on your highest revenue yielding users to target and acquire the users most similar to them. Our partners profitably spent over $10M in marketing last year using our tools and guidance. Whether you are a first time marketer or an advanced media buyer - our team will help guide you to grow your brand and userbase.

Business Intelligence Notifications & Alerts

Our mission is to arm you with the tools you need to succeed as quickly as possible. We offer over a dozen advanced notifications and alerts to track the health of your business. Weekly SEO alerts to track lost links, altered anchor text and broken links is just the start. Advanced embed and content sharing alerts to determine who is embedding your content, how much revenue you generated from those embeds, and if those partners have added your ads.txt entries to their own sites are all built into the platform.

Obsessed with Performance.

Performance matters and we’ve spent years optimizing a stack that tackles the unique challenges you face. All of our ads and code are lazy loaded to ensure that they are only loaded when absolutely necessary. Our Javascript package is built to minimize page latency in every way possible – hosted on multiple CDNs across the globe and built for each site’s specific needs allowing us to eliminate redundant code. We’ve built a proprietary server-side ad system to ensure that ads are processed on our servers when a user is playing to ensure the best user experience possible while maximizing revenue.

Change your expectation for what an advertising partner can do for you – we’ve retained over 99% of our partners with our unrelenting focus on growing their business. 

About the Yolla Mission.

The founders of Yolla have been helping game publishers increase their revenue since 1997. Our mission is simple: To give you the resources, guidance and technology that the largest corporations in the space possess to effectively grow your business, enrich your brand and delight your audience. Yolla is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Los Angeles and Taipei.


Every single partner we work with is unique, and we treat the on-boarding experience as such. Do you need an in-game API to serve rewards? Or perhaps you want to work with us to sell branded card-backs in Solitaire? Our team has you covered.

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